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Buffy Summers (born in 1981) found out she was a Slayer in the 20th century. After she burnt down the gymnasium, she moved from L.A to Washington to the school Sunnydale High. She soon makes friends with Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris and the school Librarian Rupert Giles. She goes round in that little group which they call 'The Scoobies' where they try to rid all evil out of Sunnydale.

They have to fight against their enimies, for example Spike, The Master, Glory, Adam, Angelus, Drusilla and lots more, but the Scoobies always stick together.

Buffy is the longest slayer to live, however she has died a total of two times but somehow managed to conquer death in the end.

She continued to live and is still fufills her slayer duties around the world.

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